About Us

Money Mike and divs.io

“Self Proclaimed Economist, Crypto Evangelist, and Founder at Divs.io. My passion is helping to grow the crypto community and did so for some time while in Mexico and America. While there, I was the Regional Ambassador for PalmPay, a decentralized point of sales system. My duties included helping my Clients understand cryptocurrency and how they can accept it at their business with our easy-to-use cryptocurrency point of sales service. I soon realized my clients & everyone for that matter also needed an exchange easy enough for everyone to use, and one that would reward its users with the fees that come from the exchange. After sharing the vision with the Devs I knew in the space, we found a great API for our exchange needs and Tron for our token and reward smart contracts. With our intentions set, the team Kicked off Q2, 2020.”


How long are your DIVS tokens locked for when staking?

Your Tokens are not locked for any period of time when staking. You can withdraw them at any time.

Tron rewards are distributed Via a smart contract once a week to the Divs tokens holders who stake, in proportion to the amount the user is staking compared to the total amount staked. Users need to be staked on before Sunday at 4 p.m. UTC to be eligible for the weekly Tron rewards.

Once a week on Mondays at 4 p.m. UTC time

Our Api provider works together with major exchanges to search for the best exchange rates. This gives us the advantages of multiple centralized exchanges with large liquidity and faster transaction speeds, all into one easy to use exchange with zero exchange limits, and no user registration, login or KYC.

On average 5-30 minutes. Depending on the coin/token your exchanging will determine the length of time it takes to exchange. Coins like bitcoin take 10mins. To confirm a single transaction where Tron only takes 3 seconds. This has to do with the blockchain protocol they use and not the exchange itself. For example exchanging Tron for Litecoin may take less than 5 minutes. Where exchanging Bitcoin to Ethereum may take 30mins. If their networks are highly congested this may take longer. Any transactions over 1 bitcoin in USD value may take up to 1 hour.

All exchanges have a minimum 1% fee, .5% goes to the Divs token holders who stake, .09% goes the Divs team, half of .01% will be used to buy divs tokens every week then provided as liquidity using the other half of the .01%, then the liquidity pool token will be burned forever. The rest of the fees go to our API provider for processing exchanges. Depending on the coin/tokens you are exchanging these fees could be higher. If the coin/token your exchanging is experiencing a high number of transactions on its blockchain and is congested, your exchange fees may be higher (this has to do with the blockchain of the coin/token you are using and not the Divs exchange itself.)