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The first blockchain Gold & Silver raffle protocol powered by that is completely decentralized, and transparent!


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“Prizes include gold and silver coins, USDT,

Partner rewards, membership & more’’

Divs goes for gold and Bespoke Metals have partnered together to provide ongoing raffles where you can win crypto or physical precious metals delivered right to your door! With a a high chance of winning the odds are truly in your favor, and our partnered community becomes a winner!

The full Scoop

The Raffle starts on August 27, at 12:01 AM EST, and ends on September 3rd, at 11:59 PM EST. For this raffle, each ticket will be priced at $100, and we will be accepting USDT on the Tron blockchain as payment. There's a minimum requirement of 350 tickets that must be sold for the raffle to proceed; otherwise, everyone will receive a full refund to the wallet they used for payment. We have a total of 500 tickets available for purchase at $100 each, offering you a chance to win the following prizes:

100 Prizes valued at $100 USDT each, totaling $10,000

20 Prizes valued at $250 USDT each, totaling $5,000

10 Prizes valued at $500 USDT each, totaling $5,000

4 Prizes valued at $2,500 USDT each, totaling $10,000 (or Gold/Silver)

1 Grand Prizes valued at $5,000 USDT (or Gold/Silver)

In the event that all 500 tickets are sold, every ticket holder will receive a consolation prize of 50 Divs 2.0 tokens.

Divs Stakers will also be rewarded with $250.

Remember to provide your Tron wallet address when purchasing raffle tickets to be eligible for the consolation prize.

Winners will be announced on the Twitter and Telegram group on Sept 5th at 5 PM EST. If you are selected as a winner, you will receive an email requesting your shipping address if you have won a physical gold or silver prize or USDT equivalent.