Advantages of

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    Low Fees from 1%, with no sign-up or registration needed.

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    Using a trusted proprietary API for processing exchanges.

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    Exchanging is easy and completed in as little as 5-30mins.

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    Over 300+ of your favorite coins/tokens to exchange from.

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    Become a token holder and receive weekly rewards in Tron.

A New Concept

Divs is a centralized exchange aggregator that rewards users with the exchange fees. By holding and staking DIVS tokens you are eligible to receive your share of the fees that come from our exchange service across any site or app our exchange is integrated with.

Divs as a Service

We've made our service easily integratable into any website or app, absolutely free. With the help of our team, we can custom design an exchange to fit your needs, all with your own logo, colors and cryptos of choice. Just plug & play with a small piece of code and you're on your way. Learn more here.

The pinnacle of DIVS

DIVS finite token supply, rewards in Tron, integratable exchange and superb customer service continues to be the pinnacle of our success at Divs. We pride ourselves with our simplistic exchange and staking experience as we believe cryptocurrency should be easy enough for everyone.

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